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    How to buy everything from art to antiques


    he best thing about auctions is the huge variety of objects that can be found. No matter what your interest, whether niche, high-end art or period furnishings, you can have great fun searching for the things you love. To preserve the rich history of this beautiful home which was unchanged for centuries, I fill it with my antique collections which complement the setting perfectly. I am a passionate collector always on the lookout for beautiful antiques.

    One of my exciting purchases was this fantastic Roman Emperor bust! His name is Caracalla. I found this charming Emperor in an auction in Quimper, Brittany.

    It was a long drive to pick up this bad boy, but totally worth it. I found the auction online and, like many others there, the main problem is delivery.

    So try to purchase items close to your area to avoid expensive travel or shipping costs.

    It is easy to get carried away at flea markets and pick up every vintage bargain you see and crowd your house out like a junk shop. But keep in mind that if you want to create an historic feel and add value to your interior design, try to pick items that truly inspire you and have some significance.

    Before buying antiques, I design on Sketchup, where the items should be positioned. I research as much as I can about the period of the furniture or decorative item. You don’t need to be as precise as I am, but it is important to create a look that was thought-through in advance rather than an as an afterthought. Remember to think about your colour scheme and whether the pieces you’re buying are harmonious with the rest of your collection.

    Roman Emperor Caracalla
    mini chandelier antique

    ow, Caracalla the Great lives in the second floor of my home. He ruled from AD 211-217 and is actually the Roman emperor who extended Roman citizenship to all free men living within the Roman Empire. Far from being altruistic, he probably did this in order to increase taxes to raise funds for his own lavish spending.

    Caracalla was a successful military leader, but also infamously brutal. He was eventually killed by an uprising of army officers working within his personal Praetorian Guard. After his death, the Chief of his Personal Guard set himself up as emperor in Caracalla’s place.

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